Boxcar Pete

Boxcar Pete

Boxcar Pete is a hobo that Joel brought on the HijiNKS ENSUE team to help "build the brand" in the comic entitled, Building the Brand. His first act as Joel's "Business Manager" was to, "...stabs out Eli's heart to makes my stew". Since then, he oftened appeared as a background character, although he was also employed by Josh in OMFGG to help get an iPhone 3G. Pete was able to get the iPhone, and get it activated by cutting off the hand of an Apple Store employee in The Hobo Code of Honor. Boxcar Pete made a brief cameo in the background of When Joel is Away.... It was almost 11 months after Boxcar Pete's last official appearance that he reemerged in The Hardware Upgrade Cycle, once again dealing with iPhones (although his iPhone was a rat taped to a can).

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