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FOX is a television station, that has gained a reputation among television nerds for canceling TV shows early in their life (as suggested by the T-shirt Joel created). Past victims of FOX included Dark Angel, Arrested Development, Family Guy, Futurama, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles and Firefly just to name a few. Because of FOX's unusual treatment of Firefly, many fans view Joss Whedon and FOX as mortal enemies. When Dollhouse, Joss Whedon's current work, was announced for FOX, Joel immediately suggested a Save Dollhouse! movement. Joel also tried to convince Josh to watch Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles in The Chronic-What?-cles of Sarah Connor. Unfortunately, Josh had already been turned into a hateful FOX Robot. Joel has attempted to explain FOX's abuse of SciFi shows in My Uncle The Astronaut, suggesting that the current FOX executive was abused by an astronaut, leading to his hatred of all things science fiction. This comic eventual spun off into the origin of the Evil FOX Executive. Almost all further comics about FOX featured the Evil FOX Executive.

Evil FOX Executive Edit


Evil FOX Executive

The Evil FOX Executive first appeared in My Uncle The Astronaut where his hatred of SciFi shows was explained by suggesting he was molested by an astronaut. In his first appearance he was not known by Evil FOX Executive by name, in fact his title appeared to be President. In Monsters LLC, A Subsidiary Of Newscorp, the Evil FOX Executive returned to harness the tears of Felicia Day after canceling Dollhouse's final Season 1 episode. The Evil FOX Executive finally face off against Joel in SciFi's Choice (finally referring to himself as an executive) where he forced Joel to choose between Dollhouse and Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles (although the entire choice was a fake out). In The Old Bait And Switch, the audience was introduced to the FOX Network Mystic (whose current title is High Dark Priestess of North American Reality Show Development) who advised the Evil FOX Executive to pull all of the Futurama voice actors on the returning season of Futurama in 2010. The Evil FOX Executive greenlit a space western while eating kittens from his Execu-Lunch sack in Black As Pitch Meeting. Joel rewrote the origin story in The Darkseid Of The Fox by suggesting that the Evil FOX Executive and Joss Whedon had a similar origin to Orion and Scott Free. While Whedon was raised by LA writers, the Evil FOX Executive in a terror orphanage. Due to this injustice, the Evil FOX Exec has dedicated his life to being a douche to Whedon whenever possible. With the cancellation of Dollhouse (as depicted in Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Cancellation), the Evil FOX Exec reveled in the pain of geeks. However, Joel revealed that the geeks had already left Dollhouse, and the pain that the Evil FOX Executive was anticipating would never come. The Evil FOX Exec's hair color was changed from black to brown in this comic.