Jesus H. Christ

Jesus Christ is the son of God and savior of all humans (or at least all Christians). Although he has only appeared once in the comics (The Immaculate Extinction Theory) where he hunted dinosaurs with a Jurassic Park theme, he is frequently mentioned and parodied, including recreating the nativity scene with Josh filling in the role of Christ in the comic, With Apologies to Baby Jesus. He was also interviewed in the 8th episode of the podcast, where it was revealed that the Internet is slow in heaven, he enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons with Eli's grandmother Estel, and he's annoyed at the number of prayers he has to answer. Unfortunately, Joel had to leave the room for unspecified reasons during the interview, and has not met Jesus.

Touchdown Jesus - YMCA

A statue in Notre Dame was mentioned in Episode 14 of the podcast, which has been named Touchdown Jesus due to it's arms being held out, in a similar fashion to a referee signaling a touchdown in the NFL. Joel wanted to start a contest to have one of his fans go to this statue and make a humorous photo. Joel ended the contest a few minutes later when he found a picture of some unrelated people posing with the statue to form the symbol: YMCA.

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