Joel was transformed into Gollum by Lord of the Rings in HD on TNT in What's "Taters," Precious?

Lord of the Rings is a books series created by J. R. R. Tolkien, and turned into a movie trilogy. Lord of the Rings has been mentioned many times in both the podcast and the comic.

Comic History Edit

When HijiNKS ENSUE went down due to a rush of viewers from DIGG Joel imagined Bluehost led a Lord of the Rings type adventure in I invite you to eat a dick. Joel has frequently complained that when TNT airs the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy in HD, he can't help but waste his entire day watching it. He portrayed this in What's "Taters," Precious, depicting his slow descent into Gollum. When Tolkien's son published an unfinished story of his father, Joel mocked his desperation in There Once Was A Man From Kirkjuvágr. When Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) was cast as Bilbo in the upcoming The Hobbit movie, Joel realized that he could risk spiraling into geeky obscurity in The Bravest Little Hobbit of Them All.

Podcast History Edit

Lord of the Rings is mentioned directly or indirectly in the vast majority of the HijiNKS ENSUE Podcasts. Starting with the very first episode where Tree Beard was mentioned, to various other voice imitations like Gollum, Sam, Frodo, Gimley, Gandalf, and so on. While there are too many episodes to mention every single reference, episodes with notable Lord of the Rings episodes includes:

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